GMRD - Global Manager Research Database offers an array of products with varying access levels from an extensive database of information on Investment Managers and their products. The database includes current, accurate, unbiased and descriptive information about Investment Managers and hundreds of their related products.

The database is the primary information source for many organizations including Consultants, Plan Sponsors, High net-worth family offices and advisors, Fund-on-Fund manufacturers, DC Providers and SMA platforms. Subscribers also include many Investment Managers from a wide range of different sized companies including very large institutional firms and smaller boutiques.
GMRD contains a vast amount of descriptive information on Investment management firms, biographies of their personnel, details of their products, investment style, investment process, benchmarks and of course, extensive performance information.

The performance information allows subscribers to utilize the impressive reporting capabilities to analyze and compare products and portfolios solutions for clients and prospects, all from an unbiased source.

To access the GMRD database a new subscriber will choose from a selection of subscription plans. The Gold subscription, for example, allows full access to all Managers and their products. It provides comprehensive tools for searching, researching, reporting and analyzing products, based on numerous metrics. Subscribers can also create and upload custom products, combined products and custom benchmarks which can then be analyzed only by them. Important in our fast paced environment is that it's a web-enabled product. The database can be accessed in your office or when you are traveling.
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Asset Class Equities —
Rates of Return to 2016-12-31, gross of fees
  1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Product -46.88 -9.34 2.41
Benchmark N/A N/A N/A
Added Value N/A N/A N/A
The Fund is a prospectus-governed investment product. At a minimum, the Portfolio Manager must meet the constraints and requirements as laid out in that legal document. 1832 AM has an internal compliance department which has been tasked with the