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GMRD - Canada's leading Investment Manager database for more than 20 years. In 2000, the firm acquired a paper-based directory and converted it into a web-accessed source of Investment Manager information (then called CanadianMgrSearch). The database has been significantly enhanced from its early days, by expanding the scope to a Global basis, adding more Investment Managers and more products. Also of importance has been significant improvement to the descriptive information, the analysis tools and the reporting capabilities.

GMRD has a strategic alliance with Wilshire Associates, enabling incorporation of their extensive Investment Manager database of information into GMRD. This has made available to GMRD subscribers even more American and International Investment Managers and their products.
GMRD is part of the Global Manager Research organization. The organization has three divisions which are focused on web-enabled databases for different market segments.

Global Manager Research Database (GMRD) is Canada's leading database of Investment Managers since 1986. It provides clients, whether they are Consultants, Investment Managers, Plan Sponsors or High net-worth advisors, with current, accurate, unbiased and descriptive information about Investment Managers and their products.

Property & Casualty Investment Monitor (PCIM) is Canada's only database focused on comparing the investment returns and portfolio characteristics of the P & C Insurance Industry. First developed over 15 years ago, it is now considered the industry standard. It provides performance measurement for many companies including some of the largest P&C insurance companies in Canada as well as some of the smallest.

CAP Track Services is a database for Plan Sponsors to create a complete audit file for their Capital Accumulation Plan. It allows Plan Sponsors to meet the governance standards set by the CAP guidelines. CAP Track, completes both the checklist of review items and the independent grading required for each of the investment products offered to a firm's employees.

A related company is Global Investment Solutions, an investment consulting firm specializing on Investment Governance. The partners work with institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals to provide unbiased customized investment solutions.
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Size534.593 as at 2016-12-31
Asset Class Fixed Income — Canadian
Rates of Return to 2016-12-31, gross of fees
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Product 7.65 6.94 8.10
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