The Global Manager Research Database includes over CDN$4,134.7 trillion total assets, 11050 product profiles and 16844 personnel profiles.

The list below shows all the Investment Managers who participate in GMR. Click on a link to view Investment Manager web sites. Web sites will appear in a new browser window.

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1832 Asset

ACM Advisors Ltd

Addenda Capital


Fidelity Canada

Gluskin Sheff

Leon Frazer


12th Avenue Manageme

1492 Capital Management,

1607 Capital Partners,

16th Amendment Advisors

18 Asset Management Inc

18 Asset Mgmt.

1832 Asset

24Q Capital

27Four Investment

300 North Capital, LLC

360 Global Capital,

361 Capital, LLC.

36ONE Asset Management

3D Asset Management,

3i Debt Management US,

3i Debt Mgmt

3M Benefit Funds

400 Capital Management

5:15 Capital Management,

650 Capital Management

6800 Capital, L.L.C.

A.G. Bisset Associates,

A.R. Schmeidler & Co.,

AAA Capital Manageme




Abax Investments (Pty)

Abbey Capital

Aberdeen Asset

Able Capital Management,


ABN AMRO Asset Manag

Abraham Investment

Abraham Trading Company

ABS Investment Management

ABSA Asset Management

Absolute Asia Asset

Absolute Return

Absolute Return Capi

AC Investment Management

Acamar Global


Access Alpha

Accolade Partners

Accretive Capital

Accuvest Global Advisors

ACM Advisors Ltd

ACM Advisors Ltd.

Acme Alpha LLC

Acorn Advisory Capital

Acorn Capital Limited

Acorn Derivatives

Acorn Global

ACR Alpine Capital

Acuitas Investments, LLC

Acuity Investment

Acumen Capital Manag

AD Capital Management

ADAM Investment

Adams Street Partners,

Addenda Capital

Addison Capital

Adelante Capital

Advanced Investment

Advantus Capital

Advent Capital

Adveq Management US ,Inc.

Advisers Capital

Advisory Research, Inc.

Aegis Asset Manageme

Aegis Financial

AEGON Asset Manageme

Aegon USA Investment

AEI Credit Tenant Fu

Aeon Investment

Aether Investment

Aetna Capital Management

Aetos Capital, LP

AEW Capital Management,

Afena Capital

Affinity Investment

AFL-CIO Building

AFL-CIO Housing

African Alliance

African Alliance Group

African Harvest Fund

AG Asset Management

Agamas Capital

AGF Investments

Agincourt Capital

AH Lisanti Capital


AHL (legal entity na

AIB Investment Manag

AIM Funds Management

AIMS Asset Managemen

Airlie Group

AIS Capital Management

Ajia Partners Asset


Akre Capital Management,

Akros Capital, LLC

Al Frank Asset Management

Alambic Investment

Albriond Capital


Alden Global Capital LLC

Aletheia Research and

Aletheia SG Capital

Alex Brown Investmen

Alex. Brown Realty,

Algert Global LLC

Alinda Capital Partners

All Seasons Capital

Allan Gray (Pty) Limited

Allegiant Asset

Alliance Capital

Allianz Global Inves


Allison Street Advis

Almanac Capital

Alpha Capital Manage

Alpha Capital Manage

Alpha Investment

Alpha Partners LLC


Alpha4x Asset

AlphaBridge Capital

Alphadyne Asset

AlphaMark Advisors

AlphaOne Investment

AlphaSimplex Group, LLC

Alpine Woods Capital

Alsis Funds, LLC

Alstra Capital

Alta Capital Management

Altair Management

Altamira Investment

Altanes Investments,

AltB Partners

Altegris Advisors, LLC

Alternative Investment

Altman Investment

Altree Capital Ltd.

Altrinsic Global

Altrius Capital

Altum Capital Management,

Amalgamated Bank

AmalgaTrust, a division

Ambassador Capital

AMBS Investment Counsel,

American Beacon Advisors

American Capital

American Century

american Homes For Rent

American Optimal

American Re Asset

American Real Estate

American Realty Advisors

American Red Cross

AmeriCap Advisers, L

Ameriprise Trust Company

AMI Asset Management

AMP Capital Redding


Amundi Alternative

Amundi Smith Breeden LLC

Analytic Investors, LLC

Anchor Capital Advisors

Anchor Capital Fund

Ancora Advisors, LLC

Andersen Capital

Anderson, Hoagland &

Anderson, Martin & C

Andrew M. Carter &

Andrews Capital

Anfield Capital

Anfield Capital

Angel Oak Capital

Angeles Partners, LLC

Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Angle Light Partners

Antarctica Asset

Anterus Partners

ANZ Funds Management

Aperio Group LLC

Apex Capital Managem

Apex Capital Management

Apex Capital Management,

Aphelion Fund Management

Apollo Global Management,

Appleseed Fund

Appleton Group Wealt

Appleton Partners, Inc.

APS Asset Management

AQR Capital Management,

Aqua Investment

Aquila Capital

ARA Portfolio Manage

Aravali Partners LLC

ArbitrOption Capital

Arbor Capital Manage

Arbor Capital Management,

Arcadia Investment

Archview Investment Group

Arcstone Capital

Arden Asset Management


Ardsley Partners

Ares Management LLC

ARGA Investment

Argent Capital

Argon Asset Management

Argonaut 2000 Partners,

Argonaut Management, LP

Argucia Capital

Argus Investors' Counsel,

Ariel Investments

Aristeia Capital, L.L.C.

Aristotle Capital

Aristotle Credit


Ark Asset Management

Arktos, LLC

Arlington Capital

Arlon Opportunities

Armajaro Asset Management

Armored Wolf LLC


Armstrong Shaw Associates

Arrow Capital Management,

Arrow Funds

Arrowhawk Capital

Arrowpoint Partners

Arrowpoint Partners

Arrowstreet Capital,

Arsago Hedge Fund Ho

Artha Capital Management

Arthur Andersen Test

Artisan Partners Limited

ASB Capital Management,

Ascend Capital, LLC

ASCENT Investment

Ascent Real Estate

Ascent/Meredith Asse

Ashburton Investments

Ashfield Capital

Ashland Management

Ashmore Group plc

ASK Investment Managers

Aspect Capital Limited

Assante Asset Manage

Asset Revitalizations

Astenbeck Capital

Astor Asset Manageme

Astor Investment

Astrop Advisory

Asuka Asset Manageme

Atalanta Sosnoff Capital,

Athena Capital Advisors

Athena Global Investors

Ativo Capital Management

Atlanta Capital

Atlantic Capital

Atlantic Portfolio

Atlantic Trust

Atlas Capital Advisors

Atreaus Capital

Attain Portfolio

Attalus Capital, LP

Attucks Asset Manage

Aubrey Capital Management

Auda Hedge LLC

Audax Group

Augustus Asset Manag

Auriel Capital Limited

Aurion Capital Management

Aurora Investment

Aurora Investment Co

Ausbil Dexia Limited

Austin Capital Manag

Austin, Calvert & Fl

Autonomy Capital

Avanti Investment

Avaron Asset Management

Avatar Associates

Avatar Investors

Avebury Asset Manage

Avenir Corportation

Avenue Capital Group

Avere Equity Advisors,

Aviance Capital

Aviva Investors America.

Aviva Investors Canada In


AXA Advisors

AXA Australia Funds

AXA Investment Managers,

AXA Investment Managers,

AXA Private Equity

AXA Rosenberg Investment

Axel Capital Management,

Axiom International

Axiom International

AXIS Global Manageme

Axonic Capital

azemos partner AG

B Riley Co

B.P.I International

Babson Capital Management

Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.

Bailard, Inc.

Baillie Gifford

Bain Capital, LLC


Bainbridge Partners LLP

Baird Advisors

Baird Investment

Baker Avenue Asset

Baker Gilmore

Baker Gilmore &

Baker Investment Gro

Balanced Equity

Balcony Partners, LLC

Baldwin & Lyons Capi

Baldwin Brothers, In

Balestra Capital Partners

Balondolozi Investment

Balyasny Asset

BAML Capital Access Funds

Banc One Currency

Bank Degroof N.V. /

Banque De Gestion Pr

Banquo Credit Manage

Banyan Partners, LLC

Barak Fund Managemen

Barclay Capital



Barclays Funds and

Barclays Funds and

Barclays Global Inve

Barclays Global Inve

Barep Asset Manageme

Bares Capital Management,


Barington Comanies

Baron Capital Management,

BARRA RogersCasey, I


Barrantagh Investment

Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney

Bartlett & Co.

Basel Asset Management,

Basis Capital Funds

Basso Capital Management,

Basswood Capital

Bay Capital, Registe

Bay Harbour Manageme

Bay Hills Capital

Baypoint Advisors

BB&T Asset Managemen

Beach Point Capital

Beacon Capital Partn

Beacon Pointe Adviso

Beacon Street Capital,

Beacon Trust Company

Bear Stearns Asset

Beck, Mack and Oliver,


Becker Capital

Bedford Investment G

Beekman Capital

Beeland Management Co.

Bel Air Investment

Belgravia Capital, S

Bell Asset Management

Belle Haven Investments

Belltower Advisors,


Belmont Wealth Manag

Belstar Management

Benchmark Asset

Benchmark Plus Management

Bennett Lawrence

Berens Capital

Berents & Hess Capit

Berkshire Asset

Bernzott Capital Advisors

Beutel, Goodman

Beverly Hills Wealth

Bionic Capital LLC

BirdRock Asset Management

Birla Sunlife AMC

Biscayne Advisors, I


Bivium Capital Partners,

Bjurman, Barry &

Black Creek

Black Creek Investment

Black Knight Asset

Black River Asset

Blackfriars Asset

Blackhorse Asset


BlackRock Alternativ

Blackstone Alternative

Blenheim Capital


BloombergSen Inc.

BLS Capital

Blue Harbour Group

Blue Rock Advisors, Inc.

BlueBay Asset Management

Bluebird Asset

BlueCreek Investment

BlueCrest Capital

Bluefin Investment


BlueMountain Capital

BMO Asset Management

BMO Asset Management

BNP Asset Management

BNP Investment Manag


BNY Asset Management

BNY Mellon Asset

BNY Mellon Cash

BNY Mellon Wealth

Boardman Bay Capital

BOE Asset Management

Bogle Investment


Boston Advisors, LLC

Boston Common Asset

Boston Partners

Boston Trust & Investment

Bostwick Capital, LL

Boussard & Gavaudan

Bowery Investment

Bowling Portfolio

Boyar Asset Manageme

Boyd Watterson Asset

BPG Properties, Ltd.

BPV Capital Management,

Bradford & Marzec, LLC

Bragg Financial Advi

Brahman Capital Corp

Bramshill Investments

Brandes Investment

Brandywine Global

Brandywine Global

Brasil Capital

Brazos Capital Manag

BRC Investment Management

Breath Taking Investments

Breckinridge Capital

Breckinridge Capital

Breithorn Capital

Brencourt Advisors,

Bretwood Capital Par

Brevan Howard


Bridge City Capital, LLC

Bridgehampton Capita

Bridgehampton Equity

Bridgewater Associates,

Bridgeway Capital

Brigade Capital

Bright Rock Capital

Brinker Capital

Bristlecone Value

Bristol Gate Capital

Bristol Gate Capital

Broad Street Aset

BroadCore Investments LP

Broadlawn Capital LL

Broadleaf Partners, LLC

Broadmark Asset Managemen


Broadview Advisors LLC

Brookfield Asset

Brookfield Investment

Brookfield Redding L

Brookstreet Securiti

Brown Brothers Harriman &

Brown Capital Management,

Brown Vanneck Partners

Broxton Capital Advi

Brundage, Story and

Bryce Capital Manage

Buckhead Capital

Buetel Goodman Capit

Buford, Dickson, Harper &

Bureau of Economic

Burgundy Asset

Burren Capital Advisors

Busara Advisors

Butterfly Logistics Inc.

C.W. Henderson &

Cachalia Capital (Pty)

Cacti Asset Management

Cadence Capital

Cadiz Asset Management

Cadogan Management, LLC

Calamos Advisors LLC

Calare Properties, Inc.

Caliburn Capital Par

Callan Trust Advisory

Calvert Capital

Calvert Investments Inc.


Cambiar Investors LLC

Cambria Investment

Cambridge Place

Camden Asset Management,

Cameron Capital

Camlin Asset Managem

Campbell & Company, Inc.

Campbell Lee & Ross

Campbell Newman Asset

Cannell Capital, LLC

Cannon Asset Managers


Canso Investment Counsel

Cantab Capital Partners

Cantillon Capital

Canyon Capital Advisors

Capital Advisors, In

Capital Advisors, Inc.

Capital Counsel, LLC

Capital Dynamics, Inc.

Capital Group

Capital Innovations, LLC

Capital Internationa

Capital International,

Capital Management

Capital Markets Advi

Capital Prospects LLC

Capital Research and

Capri Capital Partners,

Capstone Asset Management

Capstone Investment

Caravel Management, LLC

Carboni - Portfolio

Cardinal Capital

Cardinal Capital

Cardwell Investment

Cargill Inc.

Carl Domino, Inc.

Carlson Capital, L.P.

Carlson Investment

Carmel Capital Partners,

Carmel Partners

Carpenter & Company

Carrousel Capital Limited

Cartesian Capital

Cartica Management LLC

Casablanca Capital GP,LLC

Caspian Capital, LP

Cassidy & Pinkard

Castle Creek

CastleArk Management, LLC

CastleRock Asset

Castlestone Manageme

Catalyst Capital LLC

Catalyst Fund Managers SA

Caterpillar Investme

Causeway Capital

Cavanal Hill Investment

CB Asset Management AB

CB Richard Ellis

CBRE Clarion Securities

CBRE Global Investors,

CDK Group

Cello Capital Management

Centenium Advisors

Centennial Partners,

Center Coast Capital

Center Coast Capital

CenterSquare Investment

Century Capital

Century Management

Cerberus Capital

Ceredex Value Advisors

Certium Asset Management

Cevian Capital

CGOV Asset Management

Chalkstream Capital

Champion Capital Res

Champlain Advisors

Champlain Investment


Chandler Asset Management

Channing Capital

Chanticleer Advisers

Chapin Davis Asset

Charlemagne Capital

Charles River Realty

Charles Schwab Bank

Charles Schwab Inves

Charles Schwab Investment

Charter Financial Gr

Chase Asset Manageme

Chase Investment Counsel

Chatham Asset Management

Chautauqua Capital

Chelsea Management

Chesapeake Bay Inves

Cheswold Lane Asset

Cheyne Capital Management

Chicago Asset Manage

Chicago Capital

Chickasaw Capital

Chilton Capital

Chilton Investment

CHOICE Asset Management

Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers


Chuo Mitsui Asset Tr

Churchill Management

CI Institutional (CIIAM)

CIFC Asset Managemen

cific Alternative As

Cigna Intl Investmen

CIM Investment

Cimarron Asset Manag

CinFin Capital Manag

Citadel Alternative

Citadel Partners, In


Citi Alternative

CitiFX Alpha

Citigroup Global Mar

Citigroup Global Markets

Citizens Advisers

Citrine Capital

City of London Investment


Claremont Investment

Clarington Capital

Clarion Partners

ClariVest Asset

Clark Capital Manage

Clark Capital Manage

Clarkston Capital

Clarus Partners LLC

Clay Capital Managem

Clay Finlay (Austral

Clear Alternatives

Clearance Capital LLP

ClearArc Capital, Inc.

Clearbell Capital LLP

ClearBridge Investments,

Clearwater Capital

Cliffwood Partners L

Clifton Group Invest

Clothier Springs Cap

Clover Partners LP

CMA Advisory Group,

CMG Capital Management


Coast Asset Management,

Coast Partners Secur

Coatue Management, L.L.C.

CoBiz Investment

Cohen & Steers Capital

Cohen and Co.

Cohen Asset Manageme

Coho Partners, Ltd.

Colbert Investment

Colchester Global

Cole Real Estate


Collins Capital

Collins/ Bay Island

Colonial Advisory

Colony Capital

Colony Capital, LLC

Colony Realty Partners,

Columbia Capital

Columbia Management

Columbia Management

Columbia Partners, L.L.C.

Columbia University

Columbia Wanger Asset

Columbus Circle Investors

Combinatorics Capita

Comerica Asset Management

Common Sense Investment


Commonwealth Advisor

Commonwealth Funds

Community Capital

Compass Group LLC

Concord Investment

Concordia Advisors,

Condyne LLC

Conestoga Capital

Confluence Investment

Congress Asset Management

Congruix Investment

Connecticut Investme

Conning Asset Manage

Conning, Inc.

Conning, Inc.

Connor, Clark & Lunn

Connor, Clark & Lunn

Connors Investor

Conquest Capital Gro

Consilium Investment

Constantia Capital LLC

Constellar Capital

Constellation Capital

Constitution Capital

Constitution Research &

Contrarian Capital

Contravisory Investment

Convergence Investment

Convergent Fund

Cooke & Bieler, L.P.

Cookson, Peirce & Co.,

Cooperstown Partners LP

Copeland Capital


Copia Capital, LLC

Copper Mountain

Copper Rock Capital

Corbin & Company Capital

Corbin Capital Partners,

Cordiant Capital Inc

Cordillera Asset

Core Capital Management

CoreCommodity Management,

CoreStates Capital

Corestates Investmen

CornerCap Investment

Cornerstone Acquisition &

Cornerstone Capital

Cornerstone Capital

Cornerstone Investment

Cornerstone Real Estate

Coronation Fund Managers


Cortan Commodity Par

Cortina Asset Management,

Cougar Global

Covalent Partners LLC

Cove Street Capital, LLC

Cozad Asset Management,

CPH Capital


CRA Management Pte L

Crabel Capital

Craigmillar Capital

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn,

Crawford Investment

Credit Capital

Credit Renaissance

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse (Austr

Credit Suisse Asset

Credit Suisse Funds

Credo Capital Management,

CREMAC Asset Managem

Crescent Capital Group,

Crescent City Capital

Crestline Investors, Inc.



Crocker Partners

Crocker Partners LLC

Croesus Group

Crosby Asset Managem

Cross Harbor

Cross River Advisors

Cross River Partners

Cross Shore Capital, LLC

Crosslink Capital



CS Capital Managemen

CS McKee


CT Capital LLC

Ct Investment Manage

CTS Strategic

CU Morley

Cube Capital LLP

Cubic Asset Management,

Cupps Capital Management,

Curran Investment

Cursitor Eaton

Cushing Asset Management,

Cutler Investment

Cutwater Asset Management

CWC Advisors LLC


Cypress Asset Manage

Cypress Asset Manage

Cypress Capital

Cypress Real Estate

C~View Limited

D. E. Shaw Investment

D.B. Fitzpatrick & Co.,

Daiwa SB Investments Ltd.


Dalton Capital (Nort

Dalton Investments, LLC

Dalton Management

Dalton, Greiner, Hartman,

Dana Investment Advisors,

Danske Capital

Danske Capital - Ina

Danson & Neuhar, Llc

Daruma Capital

Dash Acquisitions

Davenport & Company LLC

David J. Greene and

Davidson & Garrard

Davidson Capital

Davidson Investment

Davidson Kempner Capital

Davidson Partners

Davidson Trust Compa

Davis Advisors

Davis, Ross, McGee &

DB Private Equity



DDJ Capital Management,

Dean Capital Managem

Dean Capital Management,

Dean Chase Global Va

Dean Investments

Deans Knight

Dearborn Capital

Dearborn Partners L.L.C.

Decatur Capital

Declaration Management &

Deephaven Capital

Deer Isle Financial, LLC

Deerfield Capital

Definitive Capital

Dekker Capital Manag

del Rey Global Investors,

Delafield Asset

Delafield Group

Delaware Investments

Delphin Investments LLC

Delta Asset Manageme

Delta Capital Management

Delta Lloyd Asset

Deltahedron Global

Deltec Asset Management

Denali Advisors LLC

Denver Investment

DePrince, Race & Zollo,

Deroy & Devereaux

DeRoy & Devereaux Pr

Desai Capital Manage

Deschaine & Company,

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Funds Mgmt

DF Dent

DG Capital Management

Diamond Hill Capital

Dibanisa Fund Manage

Dichotomy Capital

Dillon Capital Management

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Dinsmore Capital

Disciplined Alpha, LLC

Disciplined Growth

Diversified Global Asset

Divi-Vest Advisors,

Dividend Growth Advi

Dix Hills Partners, LLC

Dixon Mitchell

DKR Fusion Management LP

DLJ Real Estate Capital

Dodge & Cox

Doherty Advisors LLC

Dolan McEniry Capital

Domini Social Investments

Dominion Equity Reso

Donald Smith & Co., Inc.


Dorchester Capital

Dorchester Capital

Doric Capital Corporation

Double Eagle Capital


Douglas Capital

Douglass Winthrop

Downriver Capital

Dreman Value Management,

Driehaus Capital

Drum Capital Managem

DSC Quantitative Group,

DSI International

DSM Capital Partners LLC

DTE Energy

Du Pasquier Asset

Duet Asset Management

Duff & Phelps Investment

Dunbar Capital

Duncan Ross

Duncan-Hurst Capital

DundeeWealth US

Dune Capital

DUNN Capital Managem

DuPont Capital Management

Durham Asset Managem

Durkee Capital Advis

Dynamic Mutual Funds

Eachwin Capital

EACM Advisors LLC

Eagle Asia Partners

Eagle Asset

Eagle Boston

Eagle Boston Investment

Eagle Capital Management,

Eagle Global Advisors

EAM Investors, LLC




Easterly Partners

Eastern Shore Capital

Eaton Vance Management

Echo Point Investment

ECM Asset Management,

Eden Rock Capital

Edgbaston Investment

Edge Advisors, LLC

Edge Asset Management

Edge Capital (Pty) Ltd


Edgewood Management LLC

Edinburgh Partners

EDMP, Inc.

Efficient Select (Pty)

Effissimo Capital

EH Williams Capital

Eidesis Capital, LLC

EII Realty Securities,

EIM Management (USA)

Electron Capital Partners

Element Investment

Elemental Capital

Elessar Investment

Elk Creek Partners LLC

Ellington Management

Elliott & Page

Emancipation Capital

Emerald Advisers, Inc.

Emerald Asset Advisors,

Emerald Capital

Emerald Fixed Income

Emerging Global Advisors

EMF Financial Products

Emory Capital Manage

Empyrean Capital

EMSO Partners Limited

Emys Capital

ENAM Asset Management

Enclave Capital for

Enclave Capital LLC

Endeavour Capital

Endurance Asset

Endurance Capital, LLC

ENDURANCE Investment

Energy Arbitrage

Energy Income Partners,

Engebretson Capital

Engemann Asset Manag

Enhanced Investment


Entrust Capital

EnTrust Partners LLC /

Epiphany Health Ventures


Equibase Capital Gro

Equinox Fund Management,

Equinox Funds

Equinox Partners, L.P.

Equitable Asset

Equity Assets Manage

Equity Investment

Equity Management

Equity Resource

ERAAM (Europanel

Ermitage Asset Management

Esemplia Emerging Markets

Essex Investment Mgmt

Estabrook Capital

Estlander & Partners

Eterna Global Investment

ETG Capital Manageme

Eubel Brady Suttman

Euclid Advisors

Eureka Capital

EVA Advisers LLC

Evanston Capital

Evercore Asset

Everest Capital LLC

Evergreen Investment

Evergreen Investment

EverKey Global Partn

Evermore Global Advisors,

Evolution Capital

Ewing Morris


Excelsia, Inc.


F&C Asset Management

F-Squared Investments

F.X.C. Investors

FA Asset Management


Fairfield Greenwich

Fairpointe Capital LLC

Fake Test Firm

Falcon Point Capital, LLC

FAMA Investimentos

Fan Asset Management LLC

Farr, Miller &

Fauchier Partners

Fauchier Partners LLP (FP

Fayez Sarofim & Co.

FDO Partners, LLC

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Economic

Federal Street Partners,


Federated Investors, Inc

Feingold O'Keeffe

FEMMX Financial

Ferguson Wellman Capital

Ferrell Capital

ff Venture Capital



FH International Asset

Fidelity Canada

Fidelity Financial

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments

Fides Capital Manage

Fiduciary Asset

Fiduciary Capital

Fiduciary Management

Fiduciary Management,

Fiduciary Trust Intl

Fiera Capital

Fiera Capital Corporation

Fillmore Capital

Financial & Investme

Financial Trust Asset

Finisterre Capital, LLP

Fintan Partners, LLC

Fir Tree Partners

First American Capit

First Atlas Capital,

First Avenue Investment

First Citizens Bank-

First Climate Market

First Commerce Inves

First Eagle Investment

First Empire Asset

First Fiduciary

First Houston Capital

First Investment Gro

First Midwest Bank

First Pacific Advisors,

First Principles Capital

First Q Capital, LLC

First Quadrant L. P.

First Republic Inves

First State Fund Man

First Trust Advisors

First Western Capital

Firstar Invest. Rese

Firsthand Capital

FIS Group

Fischer & Co. LLC

Fischer Financial

Fisher Lynch Capital

Five Mile Capital

Five Oceans Asset

FJ Capital Management,

FLAG Capital Management,

Flaherty & Crumrine

Fleming Africa Fund

Fletcher Asset Manag

Flippin, Bruce & Porter,

Florida Power & Ligh

Focused Capital Boston

Focused Investors LLC

Foord Asset Management

Forester Capital

Forstrong Global

Fort Pitt Capital Group,

Fort Sheridan Advisors

Fort Washington

Fortaleza Asset

Fortis Investments

Fortress Investment

Forum Asset Management

Forum Securities Limited

Forward Management, LLC

Foundation Energy

Foundry Partners, LLC

Fountain Capital


Fourthstone LLC

Fox Asset Management LLC

FPP Fund Management

Fractal Fund Management

Francis Capital

Frank Capital Partners


Franklin Street Part

Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton

Franklin, Spitz & Pe

Frantzen Capital

Fraser Management

Fred Alger Management

Freeman Investment

Fridson Investment

Friends, Ivory & Sim

Friess Associates, LLC

Frifeldt Investment

FRM Investments USA LLC

Froley, Revy Investm

Frontegra Asset

Frontier Asia Capital

Frontier Capital

Frontier Market Asset

Frost Investment

Frost National Bank

Fruth Investment


FTSE Indexes


Fulcrum Asset Management

Fuller & Thaler Asset

Fulton Financial Adv

Fundamental Capital

Fundsmith LLP

FundX Investment Group

Fusion Asset Management

Fusion Investment Group,

Futuregrowth Asset

FX Concepts, LLC

Gabelli Fixed Income

Gaineswood Investment

Galbraith Capital, L


Gallatin Asset Manag

Galle Global Macro

Galliard Capital

GalNet Asset Management,

Galt Investment

GAMCO Asset Management

Gapstow Capital Partners

Garcia Hamilton &

Gardner Lewis Asset

Gargoyle Investment

Garner Asset Managem

Gartmore Investment

Gateway Investment

Gator Capital Management,

GaveKal Capital, LLC

GB Credit Partners, LLC

GE Capital Debt Advisors

Geewax + Partners, L

Gei Financial Servic

Gelfand Maxus Asset

Geller Capital Manag

GEM Capital Manageme

Gem Holdings, LLC

GEM Realty Capital


Gemini Real Estate

General Motors Asset

Generation Investment

Genesee Investments

Genesis Asset Managers,

Genesis Research & Asset

Geneva Advisors

Geneva Capital Management

GeoCapital LLC

Geode Capital Management,

Gerber/Taylor Management

Gestion Privee Worms

GFG Asset Management LLC

GH Asset Management

GIA Partners, LLC

GIO Fund Managers Lt

GL Capital Partners, LLC

Glasgow Investment

Glazer Capital LLC

GLC Asset

Gleacher Fund Adviso

Glenmede Investment

Glenwood Capital

GLG Ltd.

Glickenhaus & Co.

Global Advisors (Jer

Global Alpha Capital

Global Capital Inves

Global Capital Management

Global Currents


Global Index Group

Global Thematic Partners

Global Trend Capital

Global Value Investors

Global Wealth Allocation,

GLOBALT Investments

GlobeFlex Capital,

Glovista Investments LLC

GLS Capital UK LLP

Gluskin Sheff

GMT Capital Corp.

Golden Capital

GoldenTree Asset

Gondo Visio Capital

Good Harbor Financial,

Goode Investment

Goodwin Capital Advisers


Goodwood Inc

Gordon Asset Managem

Gorelick Brothers Ca

Goshawk Global

Gotham Asset Management,

Gotham Capital

Gottex Fund Management

Gould Investment Par

Governance for Owners

Gracie Asset Management

Gradison Asset Manag

Graham & Dodd Fund LLC

Graham Capital


Granahan Investment

Grand Slam Asset

Grandeur Peak Global

Grandview Capital

Granite Bay Developm

Granite Investment

Granite Springs Asset

Granite Springs Asset

Grant Capital Partners

Gratry & Company

Gratry & Company LLC

Gray & Company

Graybeard Capital LL

Graycliff Capital

Great Lakes Advisors, LLC

Great Northern Capit

Great Oak Investment

Great-West Life and

Green Eagle Capital LLC

Green River Asset

Greenfield Seitz Capital

Greenpark Capital Ltd

Greenspring Associates

Greenville Capital

Greenwich Alternativ

Greenwich Investment

Greenwood Capital

Gresham Investment

Greylock Capital


Greywolf Capital

Gries Financial LLC

Griffin Asset Management

Grisanti Capital

Groesbeck Investment

Grosvenor Capital

Group G Capital Part

GROW Partners LLC

Gryphon International

Gryphon or GIC

GS Gamma Advisors

GS Private Asset Gro

GSO Capital Partners LP


Guardian Capital LP

Guardian Group Of Fu

Guggenheim Advisors

Guggenheim Investmen

Guggenheim Investments

Guggenheim Real Estate

Guidance Capital LLC

Guild Investment

Guinness Atkinson Asset

Gulf Stream Asset

Gurtin Fixed Income

Guyasuta Investment

GW Capital, Inc.

GW&K Investment

H1 Capital

Hahn Capital Management,

Halbis Capital Manag

Halcyon Asset Management

Hall Capital Parters

Hambledon, LLC

Hambros-Hopkins Asse

Hamilton Lane Advisors

Hamlin Capital Management

Hancock Agricultural

Hancock Horizon

Hand Benefits & Trust

Handelsbanken Asset

Hanoverian Capital, LLC

Hansa Investment Fun

Hansberger Growth


Harbert Management

Harbor Capital Advisors

Harbor Drive Asset

Harbor View Growth E

HarbourVest Partners, LLC

Harch Capital Manage

Harcourt Investment

Hardesty Capital

Harding Loevner LP

Hardt Group Advisors

Harman Investment

Harmony Capital, Ltd

Harris Associates L.P.

Harrison Street

Harrison Street

Hartford Funds

Hartford Investment

Harvest Fund Advisors LLC

Harvest Volatility

Hatteras Funds


Haven Capital Manage

Havenport Asset

Havens Advisors, LLC

Haverford Trust Company

Hawthorne Retail

Hayman Capital

Hays Advisory LLC

HB Capital Partners

HBK Capital Management

HealthCare Royalty

HealthCor Management,

Heard Capital

Heartland Advisors, Inc.

Heights Money Management,

Heitman LLC

Heitman LLC

Helios Advisors, LLC

Hellman, Jordan

Henderson Global

Hennessy Funds

Heritage Asset

Hermes Asset Managem

Hermes Investment

Hermes Sourcecap Ltd

Herndon Capital

Heronbridge Investment

Heward Investment

HEXAM Capital Partners



HFV Asset Management

HGK Asset Management,

High Pointe Capital

High Street Realty

Highbridge Capital

Highclere International

Highland Capital

Highland Capital

Highland Capital

Highland Financial

Highline Capital


Highstreet Asset

HighVista Strategies

Hillcrest Asset

Hilliard Lyons Capit

Hillman Capital

Hillswick Asset

Hilton Capital

HIM Monegy Inc.

Hodges Capital Management

Hoisington Investment


Hollis Capital

Holt-Smith Advisors

Hood River Capital

Hoover Investment

Horizon Asset Management

Horizon Capital

Horizon Cash Managem

Horizon Institutiona

Horizon Institutional

Horizon Investment

Horizon Investments

Hosking and Co.

Hotchkis and Wiley

Hourglass Capital, L

Houston Firefighters

Houston Municipal

Hovde Capital Advisors

Howard Capital Manag

Howard Yata

Howland and Associat


HP Capital Venture,


HS Management Partners,

HSBC Alternative

HSBC Asset Managemen

HSBC Global Asset


Huber Capital Management,

Hudson Bay Capital

Hudson Canyon Invest

Hudson Capital Group

Hughes Capital

Hunt Investment

Hunter Chase and Com

Hunter Global Invest

Huntington Funds

Husic Capital Management

Hutchens Investment

Huysamer Capital

Hyaline Capital

HydePark (Nuveen Hyd

Hyman Beck and Company

I.A. Micheal Investm



ICC Capital Management,

ICE Canyon LLC

ICM Asset Management

Icon Advisers Inc.


Ignis Asset Management

III Offshore Advisors

ILEX Asset Managemen

Ill State Board

Illinois State Board of

Illinois Teachers

Imara Asset Management

Impala Asset Management

Impax Asset Management

Imperium Parnters

Implied Capital LP

IMS Capital Manageme

Income Partners Asse

Income Research &

Independence Capital

Independent Franchise

Indiana State Teache

Indus Capital Partners,

Inflective Asset

ING Investment Manag

ING Investment Management

Ingalls & Snyder LLC

Inland Institutional

Innovator Management LLC

Inroads Capital

Insight Capital Research

Insinger de Beaufort

Institutional Advisors

Institutional Capital LLC

Institutional Credit


INTECH Investment

Integra Capital

Integra Investment

Integrated asset

Integrated Asset Mgmt

Integre Advisors

Integre Advisors

Integrity Asset

Integrity Capital

Intercontinental Real

Intergeneration Capital

International Invest

International Value

Interneuron Asset

Intrinsic Holdings, LLC


Invesco Aim

INVESCO Global Asset

Invesco Realty Advis


Invest AD

Investcorp Investment

Investec Asset Management

Investment Counselors Of

Investment Strategie

Investment Strategies

Investors Management

InView Investment

Iowa Public Employee

IPS Strategic Capital

Iridian Asset Management

Iris Asset Management

Iron Asset Management

Iron Partners, LLC

IronBridge Capital

Irongate Capital

IronOak Advisors LLC

Ironwood Capital

Ironwood Investment

Irving Magee Investment

Itau Asset Management

iVenture Investment

Ivy Asset Management

J O Hambro Capital

J O Hambro Investment

J. & W. Seligman & C

J. Zechner

J.M. Hartwell LP

J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan Asset

Jackson Square Partners,

Jacobs Levy Equity

JAG Capital Management

James Alpha Management

James Investment

James River Capital Corp.

JANA Partners LLC


Jarislowsky Fraser L

Jasmine Moshfegh

JB & Associates

JB Investment Management,

JC Clark

JDM Investment Counsel,

Jefferies Investment

Jefferies Investment

Jennison Associates LLC

Jennison Associates LLC

Jensen Group

Jensen Investment

Jerry Hsu

Jet Capital Management

Jing Liang

JKMilne Asset Management

JLP Management

JM BUSHA Asset Managers

JMC Capital Manageme

JO Hambro Investment

John Hancock

John Hancock Advisers,

John Hancock Asset

John Hancock Investm

John Hancock Investment

John Hsu Capital Group,

John Lauer

John Morrell Advisor

John W. Bristol & Co.,

Johnson Institutional

Johnston Asset

Johnston Asset Management

Jonathan Rose Companies

JPMorgan Private Equ

JS Asset Management,

Julex Capital Management,

K2 Advisors, L.L.C.

Kabouter Management, LLC

Kagiso Asset Management

KaiLong Investment


Kamehameha Schools

Kamunting Street Capital

Kapstream Capital

Karma Capital Advisors

Karma Capital Management

Karpus Investment

Karsch Capital

Kayne Anderson Capital

Kayne Anderson Rudnick

Kazimir Partners

KBC Alpha Asset

KBC Alternative


KDP Asset Management,

Keel Asset Managemen

Keeley Asset Management

Kelly Capital Manage

Kempen Capital Manag

Kempner Capital

Kennedy Capital

Kensington Investmen

Kenwood Capital

Kern Capital Managem

Kestrel Investment

Kettle Hill Capital

KeyBank N.A.

KG Funds Management LLC

Kiitos Capital

Kiltearn Partners LLP

Kimco Realty

King Street Capital

Kingdon Capital


Kingwest Advisors In

Kirr, Marbach & Co., LLC

Kirr, Marbach & Comp

KKR Asset Management LLC

Klingenstein, Fields &

KLS Diversified Asset

Knelman Asset Management

Knighthead Capital

Knightsbridge Advisers

Knightsbridge Asset

Knott Asset Management,

Kohala Capital Partners,

Kondor Fund / Silverleaf

Kopp Investment Advi

Korea Investment Value

Kornitzer Capital

Kovitz Investment Gr

KR Capital Advisors, Inc.

Krohne Capital, LLC

KSP Real Estate

KStone Partners LLC

Kura Capital

L&B Realty Advisors, LLP

La Française des


Ladas & Hulings, Inc


Lafer Management Cor

Lake Hill Capital

Lakefront Partners,

Land and Buildings

LanderNorth Asset

Landmark Advisors LL

Landmark Partners

Lanin Partners

Lansdowne Partners (UK)

Lanx Management, LLC

Lapides Asset Management

Larch Lane Advisors LLC

Larrain Vial Asset

LaSalle Investment

LaSalle Street Capital

Lateef Investment

Lattice Capital

Laurium Capital PTY Ltd


Lawndale Capital

Lawrence Park

Lazard Asset Managem

Lazard Asset Management

LBA Realty

LDR Capital Management

Leader Capital Corp

Leading Edge Investm

Leading Edge Investment

Lee Financial Group

Lee Munder Capital Group,

Leeb Capital Management,


Legacy Capital Manag

Legal & General

Legal & General Life

Legato Capital Management

Legg Mason Capital

Legg Mason Investment

Legg Mason, Inc.


Lehman Brothers

Lehman Brothers Asse

Lehman Brothers Asse

Lehman Brothers Asse

Leith Wheeler


Lend Lease Houlihan

Leon Frazer

Lesa Sroufe and Company

Letko Brosseau

Letko, Brosseau &

Leuthold Weeden Capital

Levin Capital Strategies,

Lexington Advisors I

LGM Investments

LGT Capital Partners

Liberty Ridge Capita

Liberty Square Asset

LibertyView Capital

Liebau Asset Managem

Lieber & Company

Lighthouse Investment

Lighthouse Realty

Lightspeed Partners

Lillian Nicola Asset

LIM Advisors Limited

LIM Advisors Ltd.

Lime Capital Managem


Linde, Hansen & Co., LLC

Lingohr & Partner Asset

Lion Global Investors Ltd

Liongate Capital

Liontrust Asset

Liontrust Internatio

LJM Partners, Ltd.

LKS Capital LLC

LM Capital Group, LLC

LMFA, Inc.


Locke Capital Manage

Lockwell Investments, LLC

Loeb King Capital

Logan Capital Management,

Logan Circle Partners,

Logica Capital Management

Logix Investment

Loja Real Estate, LL

Lombard Odier Darier

Lombardia Capital

Long Wharf Real Estate

Longfellow Investment

Longview Capital

Longview Partners LLP

Longwood Investment

Loomis Sayles - Fixe

Loomis Sayles - Qual

Loomis, Sayles & Company,

Lord, Abbett & Co, LLC


Los Angeles Capital

Lotsoff Capital

Louis Dreyfus Highbr

Louisbourg Investments

Lowe Enterprises

Lowe, Brockenbrough


LR Global


LSV Asset Management

Lucas Capital Manage


Lucrum Capital, LLC

Lumen Advisors, LLC

Luther King Capital

Luxor Capital Group, LP

Lynmar Capital® Grou

Lynx Asset Management AB

LyonRoss Capital

Lyrical Partners, L.P.

Lyster Watson & Comp

M&R Capital Management

M.D. Sass

MacKay Shields LLC

Mackenzie Financial

Macquarie Cap Investment

Macquarie Funds

Macquarie Investment

Macquarie Real Estat

Macro Currency Group

Macro Currency Group -

Madison Investment

Madison Realty Capit

Maerisland Capital, LLC

Magee Thomson Investment

Magellan Asset Management

Magni Asset Management

Magnitude Capital, LLC

MAI Wealth Advisors, LLC

Mairs and Power Funds

Maj Invest A/S

Majedie Asset Management

Majestic Capital

Malley Associates Ca

Man Group

Managers Investment Group


Manitou Investment

Manitou Investment

Manley Asset Management,

Manning & Napier

Mansur Capital

Manulife Asset Mgmt

MAP Alternative Asset

Mar Vista Investment



Marathon Asset

Marathon Capital


Marietta Investment

Mariner Investment Group,

Marinus Capital Advisors

Maritime Investment

Marketfield Asset

Markston International

Marque Millennium Capital

Marquette Asset

Marshall Plan, L.P.

Marshall Wace LLP

Marshfield Associates

Marsico Capital

Martello Investment

Martin & Company

Martin Asset Managem

Martin Currie Inc.

Martin Investment

Martingale Asset

Maru Asset Managers

Marvin & Palmer

Maryland Capital

Mason Capital Partners

Massachusetts Mutual Life


Mastrapasqua Asset

Matarin Capital

Matisse Capital

MatlinPatterson Group

Matrix Asset Advisors,

Matterhorn Capital

Matthew Goff

Matthews International

Mawer Investment Man

Mayo Investment Advisors

Mazama Capital

Mazi Capital (Pty) Ltd

MB Global Partners

MB Investment Partne

McCarthy Group Advis

McClain Value Management

McComsey Asset

McDonnell Investment

McGahan Greene McHug

McGinn, McKean & O'N

McHugh Associates, I

McHugh Wealth Manage

McKinley Capital

McMorgan & Company LLC

MDL Capital Manageme

MDT Advisers

Meago (Pty) Ltd

Measured Risk Portfolios

Meeder Asset Managem

Meisenbach Capital

Mellon Equity Associ

Mench Financial, Inc

Menta Capital LLC

Mercantile Mutual

Mercator Asset

Merced Capital, L.P.

Mercury Asset Manage

Mercury Partners LLC

Merganser Capital

Mergence Investment

Meridian Capital

Meritage Capital, LLC

Meritage Portfolio

Meriten Investment

Merk Investments LLC

Merrill Lynch

Mesirow Advanced

Mesirow Financial

Mesirow Financial Private

Messner & Smith

Metacapital Management

Method Advisors, LLC

Metis Global Partners

Metolius Capital LLC

Metropolitan Asset

Metropolitan Asset

Metropolitan Capital

Metropolitan Capital

Metropolitan Life

Metropolitan Life

Metropolitan Real Es

Metropolitan West As


Mezzacappa Managemen

MFC Global Investmen


MFS Asset Management

MGH Asset Management Ltd

Mianzo Asset Management


Michaelson Capital

MicroCapital LLC

Midanek/Pak Advisors

Midwest Group Financ

Midwest Investment

Miles Howland & Co.

Millbrook Partners LLC

Millcreek Asset

Millennium Global

Millennium Global

Millennium Internati

Miller/ Howard

Milliman Financial Risk

Millrace Asset Group

MindShare Capital

Minneapolis Portfolio

Minnesota State Boar

Mirae Asset Global

Misfit Financial Gro

Mission Management &

Missouri Valley Partners


Mitchell Capital

Mitchell Group (The)

Mitchell, Sinkler &

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and

Mittleman Investment

MKA Capital Group

MKG Capital Advisors

MKP Capital Management,


Modoc Capital, LLC

Momentum Asset Management

Monarch Partners Asset

Monea Investments, LLC

Moneda Asset Management


Monetary Management

Monetta Financial

Money Management Gro

Monroe Capital LLC

Mont Pelerin Capital

Montag & Caldwell, LLC

Montanaro Asset

Montchanin Asset

Monterosso Investment

Montgomery Investmen

Montibus Capital

Montrose Capital Group,

Montrusco Bolton

Moody Aldrich Partners,

Moon Capital Management

Mooring Financial

Morgan Creek Capital

Morgan Dempsey Capital

Morgan Grenfell

Morgan Keegan & Comp

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Dean

Morgan Stanley GIS

Morgan Stanley Real

Morley Financial

Morris Capital Advisors

Morrison Street Capital

Morse Williams & Co.

Mount Lucas Management LP

Mount Vernon Associates,

Mountain Pacific

MPI Investment

MQ Capital Pty Limit


MSDC Management, L.P.

Mudrick Capital

Muhlenkamp and Company,

Muller & Monroe Asse

Multi-Employer Property

Mulvaney Capital

Municipal Asset

Mutual Of America Capital

Muzinich & Co., Inc.

Mvunonala Asset Managers

N.D.C. Investment Pt

Napier Park Global

Naples Asset Managem

Narwhal Capital

Natcan Investment

National Investment

National Railroad

National Timber Part

Nationwide Funds

Nationwide Separate

Native American Fund

Natura Capital LLC

Navellier & Associates

Navis Capital Partners

NB Alternatives Fund of

NCM Capital

Nebula Capital

Ned Davis Research G

Nelson Capital Management

Nelson, Benson & Zel

Neon Liberty Capital

Neosho Capital LLC

Neptune Investment

Net Property Group

Netols Asset Management

Neuberger Berman

Neumeier Poma Investment

New Amsterdam Partners

New Century Advisors

New Century Capital

New Mountain Capital LLC

New Path Capital Advisors

New Star Canada Inc.

New World Asset

New York Capital

New York Life Investment

New York Life Investment

Newfleet Asset Management

Newgate Capital

Newlin Capital Partn

NewMarket Capital

NewSouth Capital

Newton Capital Management

Next Century Growth


NFJ Investment Group

Nicholas Company, Inc.

Nicholas Investment


Nichols Asset Management

Night Owl Capital

Nikko Asset Management

Nile Capital Management

NineAlpha Capital LP

Nippon Value Investors KK

NISA Investment Advisors,

NL Capital Managemen

NMF Asset Management

Nokomis Capital, LLC

Nomura Asset Management

Nomura Corporate Research

Noroian Capital Advi

Norris, Perne, & Fre

North Sound Capital

NorthCoast Asset

Northern Capital

Northern Cross, LLC

Northern Trust

Northern Trust Globa

Northern Trust Value

Northgate Capital

NorthPointe Capital LLC

NorthRoad Capital

NorthShore Advisors

NorthStar Asset

Northstar Capital

Northwater Capital

Norwich Investment M


NovoDyn Advisors LLC

NPI Asset Management

NS Investment Partne

NS Partners Ltd.

Nuance Investments, LLC

Nubuke Investments LLP

Numeric Investors LLC

Nuveen Asset Management

NuWave Investment

NWD Investments

NWQ Investment Management

NY State Common


O'Shaughnessy Asset

Oak Associates, ltd.

Oak Hall Capital

Oak Hill Advisors, L.P.

Oak Hill REIT Manage

Oak Ridge Investments

Oak Value Capital

OakBrook Investments, LLC

Oaks Field Partners

Oaktree Capital

Oakview Capital

Oasis Group Holdings

Oasis Group Holdings

Oberweis Asset Mgmt, Inc.

Ocean State Asset

Och-Ziff Capital

Octagon Credit Investors,

Oddo Asset Management

Odey Asset Management LLP

Odyssey Advisors LLC

Odyssey Investment

Oechsle International

OFI Global Asset

OJM Group Institutional

Old Mutual Asset

Old Mutual Global In

Old Mutual Investment

Old West Investment

Oldfield Partners


Omnium Capital Manag

OMT Capital Management,

One William Street

OneCapital Managemen

OneWorld Investments

Onex Credit Partners

Oppenheimer & Co.

Oppenheimer Capital

Oppenheimer Investment

Optima Fund Management

Optimal Investment


Optimum Investment

Optique Capital

Optis Investment

Opus Capital Group, LLC

Opus Select Strategi

Oracle Investment

Orchard Square Partners

Oregon PERS

Origin Asset Management

Orizon Investment

Orleans Capital

Ortelius Capital

Orthogonal Investmen

Ortus Capital Management

Osher Capital Advisors,

Osmosis Investment

Ospraie Management L

Osprey Partners

Osterweis Capital

Osterweis Capital Mg

Otter Creek Management,

Owl Creek Asset

Ownership Capital B.V.

Oxford Advisors Ltd

Oxford Private Clien

P-Solve Alternative

P. Schoenfeld Asset

P.A.W. Capital Partners,

P.G. Corbin Asset

P/E Investments LLC

Pacer Advisors

Pacific Alternative Asset

Pacific Asset Management

Pacific Financial

Pacific Global Investment

Pacific Heights Asse

Pacific Income Advis

Pacific Income Advisers,

Pacific Investment

Pacific Ridge Capital

Pacific View Asset

Pacificor, LLC

Palace Capital Management

Palantir Capital

Palestra Capital

Palisade Capital

Palisade Investment


Palisades Investment

Palm Advisors LLC

Palmer Square Capita

Pamplona Credit

Pan-African Asset

Panton Capital Group

Para Advisors LLC

Paradigm Asset Management

Paradigm Capital

Parametric Portfolio

Parasol Investment

Park Hill Real Estat

Park Street Capital, LLC

Parker Global Strategies,

Parker/Hunter Asset

Parlan Financial

Parmenter Realty Partners

Parnassus Investments

Parrot Trading Partn

Partner Fund Managem

Partners Group

Partnervest Advisory

Passport Capital

Pathway Capital

Patient Capital

Patrician Asset

Patterson Capital

Patton Investments, LLC

Paulson & Co. Inc.

Pax World Management

PB Asset Management

PBL Capital

PCE Investors Limite


PCM Growth Advisors

PDFM Limited

PEA Capital LLC

Pear Tree Funds

Peconic Management

Pelagos Capital

Pembroke Capital

Pembroke Management Ltd.

Pendo LLC

PENN Capital Management

Penn Square Real Estate

PennantPark Investment

Penwood Real Estate

Pequot Capital

Peregrine Capital Mgmt

Peregrine Portfolio

Perennial Asset Mgmt.

Perennial Capital

Perennial Investment

Performance Equity

Peridiem Global Investors

Perimeter Capital

Peritus Asset Mgmt, LLC

Peritus I Asset


Perkins Investment

Permal Group Inc.

Permanent Portfolio

Perpetua Investment

Perpetual Funds

Perritt Capital

Perry Capital

Pershing Square Capital

Petercam Institutional

PFM Asset Management LLC


Phalanx Capital

Pharus Capital Management

Philadelphia Board

Philadelphia Investm

Philadelphia Trust

Philo Smith Capital

PhiloSmith & Co.

Phocas Financial

Phylon Investment


Pictet AM

Piedmont Capital Mgm

Piedmont Investment

Piedra Capital, Ltd.

Pier Capital, LLC

Pier21 (Carnegie)

Pier21 (Polunin)

Pier21 (ValueInvest)

Piermont Capital


Pillar Pacific Capital

PIMCO Canada

Pine Grove Asset

Pine River Capital

Pine Road Partners LLC

Pinebank Asset Management

PineBridge Investments

Pinnacle Asset

Pinnacle West

Pioneer Investments

Piscataqua Capital

Plainfield Asset

Platinum Asset Manag

Platte River Capital

Plenary Investment

Pluscios Management, LLC

PlusFunds Group, Inc

PM Capital

PMA Investment Advis

PMG Advisors LLC

PNC Capital Advisors, LLC

Point Defiance Capital

Polaris Capital

Polen Capital Management

Polunin Capital Partners

Polynous Capital

Pomona Capital

Poplar Forest Capital

Popular Asset Management

Portfolio Advisors,

Portfolio Capital

Portfolio Concept

Portfolio Management

Portman Asset Manage

Post Advisory Group, LLC

Powers & Dubin Asset


PPM America, Inc.


PrairieHawk Capital

Pratt Capital LLC

Prelude Asset Manage

Premier Asset Management


Presagium BVI Ltd

Prescient Investment

Preserver Partners LLC


Presima Inc.

Presque Isle Capital

Prestige Capital

Price Asset Management,

Prima Capital Adviso

Prime Advisors, Inc.

Prime Opportunities

PRIMECAP Management

Princeton Capital

Princeton Capital

Princeton Fund Advisors

Principal Financial

Principal Funds, Inc.

Principal Global

Principal Global

Principal Global Equ

Principal Global Equities

Principal Global Fix

Principal Global Fixed

Principal Management

Principal Real Estat

Principal Real Estate

Principal Trust Company

Principia Capital

Prisma Capital Partners

Private Advisors, LLC

Private Capital

Private Consulting G

Profit Investment

Profit Investment

Profits Plus Capital

Progress Investment Mgmt

Prophecy Asset

Proprietary Capital

Prosiris Capital

Prospect Street

Protégé Partners, LLC

Providence Investmen

Prowess Investment

Proxima Alfa Investm


Prudential Bache Ass

Prudential Fixed Income

Prudential Investment

Prudential Mutual Fu

Prudential Private

Prudential Real Estate

Prudential Retirement

Prytania Investment

PT Asset Management, LLC

Public Investment

Pugh Capital Management,

Punch & Associates

Pyramis Global Advisors

Pyramis Global Advisors

Pzena Investment

QFS Asset Management,

QMS Capital Management LP

QS Batterymarch Financial

QS Investors, LLC

Quadrant Real Estate

Quaker Funds, Inc

Quality Capital

Quantico Asset Manag

Quantilogic Asset

Quantitative Management

Quantum Capital

Quantum Capital

Quantum Capital


Quest Investment

Quiddity LLC

Quotient Investors, LLC

QV Investors

R.G. Associates, Inc.

R6 Capital Group, LL

Radcliffe Capital


Raiffeisen Capital

Rainier Investment

RAIT Financial Trust

Ramirez Asset Management

Ramius LLC

Rampart Investment

Ranger Advisors LP

Ranger International

Ranger Investment

RARE Infrastructure

Raub Brock Capital


RBC Global Asset

RBC Global Asset

RCG Asset Management

RCP Advisors, LLC

RDG Capital

Real Estate Capital

Real Estate Management

Reams Asset Management

Reaves Asset Management

Rebellion Research

Record Currency

Red Mountain Capital

Red Mountain Capital


Redmond Asset Management,

Redstone Advisors Inc.

Redwood Asset Manage

Redwood Investments, LLC

Reech CBRE

Regan Capital, LLC

Regan Investments Inc.

Regiment Capital Adv

Regions Institutional

Reid Street Capital, LLC

Reinhart Partners, Inc

Relational Investors LLC

Renaissance Capital

Renaissance Institutional

Renaissance Investment

RenAsset Managemant

Renny Cabreros

Research Affiliates, LLC

Reservoir Investment

Residential Growth

Resolution Capital

Resource Management

Resurgence Asset

Reunion Office Holdi

Reuven Capital

Revcap Advisors

RevenueShares VTL

Rexiter Capital

RGM Capital, LLC

Rho Asset Management AG

Rho Capital Partners

Rhumbline Advisers

Rice Hall James &

Richcourt Inc.

Richmond Capital

Richter Asset Manage


Rigel Capital, LLC

Rimrock Capital

Rittenhouse Asset

River and Mercantile

River Road Asset

Riverbridge Partners LLC

RiverFront Investment

Riverloft Capital

RiverPark Funds

Riverplace Capital

RiverPoint Capital

RiverSource Institut

RiverSource Investme

Riverview Alternativ

RMB Capital Management,

RMF Investment Manag

RMK Timberland Group

RMR Advisors

RNC Genter Capital

Roanoke Asset Management

Robeco Institutional

Robeco Investment

Robert Bender &

Robert Brooke Zevin

Robert Harrell,

Robert Van Securitie

Robertson Opportunity

Robinson & Wilkes, L

Robinson Capital

Robotti & Company

Rock Maple Funds

Rock Maple Services,

Rockefeller & Co.

Rockford Capital Partners

Rockledge Group

Rockledge Partners,

RockView Management,

Rocky Mountain Wealth

Rocky Peak Capital

Rogge Global Partners

Rohden Funds Managem

Rohrs & Co. LLC

Roll and Ross Asset


Rondeau Capital

Ronin Master OP Inve

Rorer Asset Manageme

Rosen Capital Advisors,


Roswell Capital Part

Rotella Acrospire LLC

Rotella Capital

Rothschild Asset

Round Hill Asset

ROW Asset Management

Roxbury Capital

Royal & Sun Alliance

Royal London Asset

Royce & Associates, LLC


RS Investments

RSW Investments LLC

Rudiarius Capital

Runde & Co. LLC


Russell Investments

Russell Investments.

Rutabaga Capital

Rutherford Investment

Rutland Dickson Asse


Ryan Labs Asset


S. Muoio & Co., LLC

S. W. Mitchell Capital

SA Alpha Capital

Saddle Peak Investments,

Sadoff Investment

SAFECO Asset Managem

Sagamore Hill Capita

Sage Advisory Services,

Sage Capital

Saguenay Capital LLC

Saguenay Capital, LL

SAIL Advisors Limited

SailingStone Capital

Salient Partners, LP

Salient Quants

Salus Capital Manage

Samex Capital Adviso

Samson Capital

Samson Capital Advisors


Sandalwood Securities,

Sanders Capital LLC

Sandhill Investment

Sandler Capital

SandRidge Capital, LP

Sands Capital Management,

Sanford C. Bernstein

Sankaty Advisors

Sanlam Investment

Santa Barbara Alpha

Santa Barbara Asset


Sarasin & Partners LLP

Saratoga Research &

Sarofim Realty Advis

Sasco Capital, Inc.

Sasha Johnson

Satellite Asset

Satuit Capital

Satuit Capital

Sawgrass Asset

Schafer Cullen Capital

Scharf Investments LLC

Scheer Rowlett

Schneider Capital

Schroder Investment

Schroders NewFinance

Schultze Asset Management

Scipion African

Scopia Capital Management

Scotia Institutional

Scotsman Capital

Scott Bauer

Scott Creek Capital

Scott's Cove Management

Scout Investments, Inc.

SCS Financial

Seaboard Investment

Seacrest Investment

Seacross Global Advi

Seafarer Capital Partners


SEB Asset Management

Sector Capital


Sectoral Asset Management

Securis Investment

Security Capital Research

Security Global

Security Global Investors

Seer Capital Management

Segall Bryant & Hamill

Segall Bryant Hamill


Sei Asset Management

SEI Investments

Seix Investment Advisors,

Seizert Capital Partners

Select Equity Group, L.P.

Seligman Henderson C

Semper Capital

Sentinel Advisors Co

Sentinel Asset

Sentinel Investments

Sentinel Real Estate

Sentio Capital Management

Sequent Capital

Sera Capital

Serica Partners Limited

SFE Investment Counsel

SFP Value Realization

SFP Value Realization

SG Capital Management,

SGL Investment Advisors,

Shah Capital Managem

Shaker Investments

Shapiro Capital


Shay Assets Manageme

Sheer Asset Manageme

Shelton Capital

Shenandoah Asset

Shenkman Capital

Sherpa AM

Shikiar Asset Manage

Shinnecock Partners

Shumway Capital Part

Sierra Global Manage

Sierra Investment

Signet Capital Manag

Signet Capital Management

Signia Capital

Siguler Guff & Company,

Silchester International

Silk Invest

Silvant Capital

Silver Creek Capital

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Silverado Capital

Silvercrest Asset

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Siphron Capital

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T. Rowe Price

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This is a New Test Firm

This is a Test Firm

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Winslow Capital

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WWP Advisors LLC

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Ziegler Capital

ZPR Investment Management

Zurich Investment

Zweig-DiMenna Associates,

Featured Product

Asset Class Equities — Canadian
Rates of Return to 2016-12-31, gross of fees
  1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Product -44.70 -14.03 -3.90
Benchmark N/A N/A N/A
Added Value N/A N/A N/A
Dynamic Equity Income Fund invests in a wide range of income producing securities including dividend paying equities, real estate investment trusts and income trusts. Through these holdings, the Fund aims to provide a stable monthly income stream.